Jinhao 993 Shark Fountain Pen - Best Value for Money 2018 - Review & Buyer's Guide

The Jinhao 993 Shark Fountain Pen is a very cheap chinese way to get into fountain pens.

Jinhao 993 Shark Fountain Pen (Yellow)

TLDR; (Too Long. Didn't Read or Quick Overview)

Between USD $1-$2 for a fountain pen and a fun shark cap, this is a great little writer, a way for people new to the fountain pen hobby to get started with little effort and cost.

A Very Basic Fountain Pen

Actually, this is about as simple as it gets for a standard fountain pen.
Being a cheap chinese pen it has a very plastic feel to it and very lite in the hand to use.
It comes with an ink converter (the clear tube with a twist top) to hold whatever ink brand / color you like. Being a fountain pen there is almost any color you can think of aswell as even special inks that shimmer, have a scent or even invisible.

A nice side effect of the shark fin on the cap is that the pen will not roll off the desk (assuming you place the cap on the back [post] of the pen when writing).

Jinhao 993 Shark Fountain Pen dissambled (Yellow)

Filling the Pen

If you use the converter (you also have the option of ink cartridges) just dip the steel nib into the bottle of ink to just above where the cap threads start and then turn the ink converters back end - this will draw the ink up into the pen like a syringe.
When done, just wipe off the cap threads and nib of excess ink and your done.

If you use a ink cartridge, just pull the converter out from the front section (be careful to pull it by the clear plastic as the metal piece can come off if you pull that).
Push the "Standard International Cartridge" of your choice into the back of the front section and let the pen sit with nib down for a few minutes until the ink works its way to the nib and your ready to go.


They come with a Fine nib, but to be honest it writes more like a medium, but that is very subjective as different brands and nib types all write differently.

It writes very smoothly and seems to keep up with fast writing without any problem. I have had no problems with hard starts (takes a few seconds to start writing) and from what I have heard from other people, this is not a problem.
The writing samples below are with Pilot Iroshizuku inks which flow perfectly in the pen and I have no reason to think any other fountain pen inks would be a problem.
Please ignore the quality of my writing - I know it's bad :-)

Jinhao 993 Shark Fountain Pen Writing Sample


Just about anywhere you find these on the internet, they come in packs of 3, 6 or 12. As they are so cheap, unless you are a collector then you will want to give them away to your friends just to get them into the whole fountain pen hobby :-)

Pros and Cons of the Jinhao 993 Shark

  • Very inexpensive
  • Almost any color ink you can think of
  • See through ink remaining (1/2 demonstrator)
  • Comes with ink converter
  • Standard International Cartridge
  • Smooth Writing
  • No Hard Starts
  • No Burping
  • Very plastic feel
  • 3 Cap Twists to remove cap
  • Doesn't come with ink

In Conclusion

This is an amazing little pen for the price and as opposed to other fountain pens you won't feel bad when you lose it or break it, just take the next one out of the pack.

I would suggest that to start with, you just get the cartridges and see if you like using a fountain pen (they are very different to normal ballpoints - much smoother).
If you plan on getting into the hobby, then buying bottles of ink is very economical - even the more expensive bottles of ink end up being cheap in the long run. You will find over time there are certain brands and colors you like.
Remember, the colors available are almost limitless. See below for something a bit different.

Just make sure they are FOUNTAIN PEN inks.

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