Best Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine 2018 (Oblo) - Review & Buyer's Guide

Dolce Gusto Oblo With Mug and Flavours

I have put this review together as a non coffee expert. I like coffee, but I don't need it to survive the day.

The Dolce Gusto Oblo coffee machine is one of the recent additions to the Dolce Gusto range of products. It is a entry level coffee machine for people who would like to use a pod based coffee system.

TLDR; (Too Long. Didn't Read or Quick Overview)

The Dolce Gusto Oblo coffee machine is a entry level product. It allows you to use the Dolce Gusto coffee pod system (similar to the Nespresso pod system). The pricing is very low for a pod system machine and comes with 6 pods (3 actual different drinks [2 of the drinks use a 2 pod pair]).

I am assuming they can keep the price down because it is a manually controlled system where you control how much water is passed through the pods.

You also have the option of cold drinks aswell.

Dolce Gusto Oblo Box Contents

Using the Pod Pairs (2 pods per drink)

This seems to be unique to the Dolce Gusto range of products and I find it a lot more convenient than having a milk frother attached to the machine which would also need cleaning.

I actually find the milk produced from the capsule to be just the right flavour and texture.
The one thing to look out for when purchasing the boxes of capsules is some will show a picture/icon of both the flavour and milk capsules - in general this means that instead of the 16 servings you would normally get out of a box that size, you will only get 8 servings. This obviously means the cost per serving is double. But to be honest, I would rather have it this way than have to clean and maintain a milk frother aswell.
Going by past experience, having to clean milk containers is a real pain - don't leave it sitting out for a few too many hours - you will pay for it.

Dolce Gusto Oblo Included 6 Pack

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules from Amazon

Below you will find some of the Flavours available for the Dolce Gusto Coffee Machines

Hot and Cold Drinks

The Dolce Gusto Oblo also offers the option of a cold drink aswell as the usual hot drinks you would expect. This is a nice addition for making iced-coffee's etc.

Using the Machine

Operation of the machine is very simple and quick - I can have a coffee in about 1 minute (1 minute 30 seconds if using 2 pods), this is a lot less time it takes for me to boil a jug of water and pour a standard instant coffee adding milk from the fridge.

  1. Press the on button (will start flashing)
  2. Place a cup/mug in the machine
  3. Lift the lever on top and pull out the pod holder (can be done while machine is warning up - flashing light)
  4. Place the coffee pod in the pod holder and place it back in the machine
  5. Push the lever on top down (by now the light should of stopped flashing - if not just wait a few more seconds)
  6. Move switch at the back to either hot or cold for the amount of time you want for the perfect drink
  7. Lift the lever on top and pull out the pod holder and dispose of capsule
  8. Repeat the above 5 steps if there are 2 pods necessary
  9. Remove the cup/mug
  10. Enjoy
Dolce Gusto Oblo With Mug and Flavours
Dolce Gusto Oblo With Mug Finished Coffee

Tips and tricks

  • To fill the water tank - only pull it out enough to be able to pour water from a kettle (cold water) into without taking it fully off.
  • Manual Machine - To get the quantities of milk/coffee correct, it is best to remember on the mug the line level for each of the milk and/or coffee.

Pros and Cons of the Dolce Gusto Oblo

  • Low Cost Coffee Machine
  • Minimal Maintance
  • Manual Operation (some people would call this a con, but I get the coffee perfect)
  • Compact enough to fit on benchtop
  • Nice range of colors (depending on country)
  • Makes great coffee
  • No milk frother to clean
  • Cold Drinks
  • Water tank is only 800ml (about 3 cups of coffee)
  • Limited variety of flavours (but the available flavours are great)
  • Water tank not so easy to reattach (I just need to get used to how to do it I suppose)

In Conclusion (Dolce Gusto Oblo)

A coffee machine (Oblo) for this price - I was not expecting too much, but it has delivered on the exact same coffee experience/taste as you would get from one of the more expensive Dolce Gusto models.

I have no problems with the fact it has manual operation - lets be honest, when using an automatic machine you are still going to be standing right next to it watching the coffee being made anyway, so manually turning the machine off isn't a issue.

I give the Dolce Gusto Oblo a 4.5 out of Stars as really the only annoying thing is the size of the water tank, but for a machine that size, that is to be expected.

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